Our Commitment To Give Back

True North Power Tech is a majority owned indigenous company. We are committed to honoring and respecting Indigenous culture. We recognize the rich history, traditions, and contributions of Indigenous peoples and strive to create a workplace and community that is inclusive and supportive.

We believe in fostering meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities and organizations, and we actively seek opportunities for collaboration and partnership. We are dedicated to promoting Indigenous voices, perspectives, and knowledge in our work and decision-making processes.

Through education and awareness initiatives, we aim to increase understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture among our employees and stakeholders. We are committed to integrating Indigenous values and practices into our operations and policies, and we continuously strive to improve our cultural competency.

By embracing Indigenous culture, we not only enrich our own organization but also contribute to the broader goal of reconciliation and building a more inclusive society. We are proud to support and celebrate Indigenous culture, and we invite others to join us on this journey of cultural understanding and respect.