Super Corflo

Best In Class Power Protection Program. True North Power Tech offers the ultimate utility system complete from underground to up the pole.

About Super Corflo®

Super Corflo® is a dual-wall polyolefin duct conduit. Its pliability provides an added ease of use component to open trench applications, and is an economical choice for conduit and inner duct applications. The dual-wall design offers a light-weight, easy to handle conduit system with an increased crush-resistance, and semi-smooth inner wall for seamless cable pulling. Super Corflo® can be used anywhere rigid PVC is used, such as: city infrastructure projects, solar farms, substations or any open trench work.

Flexibility: exceptional flexibility, reducing or eliminating the need for sweeps and bends during installation.
Crush Resistance: equivalent to Schedule 40 PVC, ensuring durability and longevity.
Lightweight: significantly lighter than PVC, making it easier to handle and install, saving time and effort.
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  • Flexible: Reduces/Eliminates Sweeps and Bends​
  • Crush Resistant: Equivalent to Schedule 40 PVC​
  • Compatibility: Easily Adapts to Other Conduit Materials​
  • Glueless Coupling: Safe, Quick Assembly​
  • Gasketed: Air and Watertight​​
  • Low COF: Longer Cable Pulls with Lower Cable Stress​​
  • Pre-installed Pull Tapes Available​​
  • Flexibility of Corrugated with Properties of Smoothwall​​
  • Flexibility of Corrugated with Properties of Smoothwall​​
  • Flexibility of Corrugated with Properties of Smoothwall​​
  • 24” Bend Radius, All Sizes​​
  • 250’ Continuous Length Coils​​
  • No Memory, Uncoils into Straight Length​


  • Power​
  • Telcom​​
  • CATV​


  • Direct Bury
  • Concrete Encasement​​

Outer Wall Colours

  • Black (use a black dot)
  • Grey (use a grey dot)
  • Red (use a red dot)
  • Blue (use a blue dot)​

Standard Packaging

  • 250’ Coils​